Kylie Jenner Went Platinum Overnight—Here's How Her Colourist Did It

Kaitlyn McLintock

When it comes to Kylie Jenner's beauty game, we've learned to expect the unexpected. She keeps us waiting with baited breath for her next dramatic hair transformation, whether that’s rainbow braids or fiery red strands. Her latest metamorphosis has her following in big sister Kim’s footsteps with a stunning platinum colour—and yes, that is her real hair this time.

Typically a dye job this dramatic would take days, if not weeks. So we were astonished to learn that Jenner coloured her hair platinum in a matter of hours. That's right: The beauty icon took her mane from jet black to icy blonde literally overnight, a process that can sabotage even the healthiest hair.

Except Jenner's mane is looking shinier than ever. It's all thanks to her celeb colourist Priscilla Vales, who just revealed exactly how this crazy hair transformation happened so fast without totally scorching Jenner's hair. 

Keep scrolling to learn how the products and techniques Jenner's colourist used to bring her platinum blonde overnight!

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