Is Taping Back Your Face a Thing? Kylie Jenner Thinks So

Lisa Patulny

It’s been a seriously big week for Kylie Jenner. With the launch of her eponymous Lip Kits and now the unveiling of an out-of-the-box shoot with Interview magazine, Jenner is the only name on our (Dolce K-clad) lips right now. Said shoot features King Kylie as a living doll in a series of snaps inspired by pop artist Allen Jones’s pretty epic. Jenner's mannequin-like looks are startling for one thing. The budding beauty boss revealed on her Instagram account that the plastic features she sported in the shots came courtesy of an unusual beauty product: face tape



Throwback to my love supporting me on the shoot. @haileybaldwin was there too I could never forget u baby boo x

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on


Our interest peaked, we turned to editorial makeup artist Fern Madden, for the low-down on face tape and whether we need to get on board with contouring 2.0.

Keep scrolling to see the pics and for everything you need to know about face tape!


Not keen on taping back your features? Estee Lauder's genius New Dimension Expert Liquid Tape ($110) is a leave-on treatment that does much the same thing (albeit in a much more subtle way). 

Click here to see the rest of the Interview shoot and tell us, would you ever try face tape?


Opening image: Instagram

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