Exclusive: Kylie Jenner on the One Hair Colour She'd NEVER Try

Faith Xue

Kylie Jenner is a lot of things—social media star, hair chameleon, lip icon, the list goes on. Kylie Jenner is not indecisive, which we learned while we interviewed her at the launch of her website-crashing, long-awaited Lip Kits. She knows exactly what she likes (green- and blue-toned hair, lip liner that mimics the colour of your own lips) and what she doesn’t (we’ll get to that later).

It’s partly because of this quality that the young star is now a full-fledged media and beauty mogul in her own right, and seems worldly beyond her years (especially when it comes to her makeup routine). We learned quite a lot of things about Jenner during our interview, from how exactly she conceptualised her new lip line to the one hair colour she’d never try. Suffice it to say, we’re impressed—and will now go back to applying our Candy K.

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