The Bizarre Ingredient Kourtney Kardashian Swears by to Fight Wrinkles

Lindsey Metrus

The Kardashians don't exactly stay inside the box when it comes to skincare (see: vampire facials, lasers, and $400 IV treatments). So at this point, when we learn about a new strange product or crazy treatment that they have done, we can't say we're too shocked. We are however, consistently intrigued (truthfully because we hope whatever they're doing will work for us, too).

Enter: human exosomes. Yeah, we were pretty confused at first, too, but they're actually quite interesting. Exosomes are teeny-tiny messengers that travel between cells. When they get to a new cell, they transfer information over from healthy cells so that they can replicate those factors in cells that are damaged and need repair and restoration. Pretty cool, huh? Well, naturally, Kourtney Kardashian is on board.

Exo Face, a new skincare brand, has actually been able to recreate these cells using a technology called Zen3. Through the brand's development of these "cells," it has duplicated exosomes that hydrate human cells and make them look radiant. So ultimately doing so helps turn back the clock on your skin, which is why celebrities like Kourtney (and Sofía Vergara and Sarah Hyland) love it, according to an email sent to Byrdie from the brand.

Its sole product, Perfection Moisturiser, is fortified with over 150 million of Zen3 exosomes to partner with your unique cell makeup. It's also got tons of natural ingredients like kelp, Irish moss, and noni oil. Consider it a bespoke skin experience that erases wrinkles and plumps and smooths skin. And if it will help make our skin look as radiant KK's, count us in. 

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