The Latest Trend in Korean Skincare is Serum Shots

Lisa Patulny

Move over cushion compacts—the latest Korean beauty product to hit the big time is…ampoules. According to The Edit, these supercharged skin boosters are set to be the next big thing in the Western beauty market. But what exactly are they? In a nutshell, they’re serum-like formulations packed with a high percentage of actives, and designed to be used short term to garner a specific result. Founder of Korean beauty website Peach & Lily, and Byrdie contributor Alicia Yoon says the way you use them is also different to regular serums: “Apply them between your cleansing and toning steps.”

If you plan on adding an ampoule to your routine don’t jump in full force; if you have sensitive skin we recommend using one every other day to start until your skin gets used to the potency. The Edit notes another important point—ampoules often don’t contain preservatives: “As a result they have a short lifespan, so check the label for a symbol of an unopened tub – the number on it tells you how many months it will last after opening.”


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