A Korean Skincare Expert Shares Her Fascinating Routine

Lindsey Metrus

I've written about the embarrassing realisation that my skin was Sahara desert–level dry twice before, not because I'm a masochist, but because I'm still in disbelief that the hydrated complexion I thought I had all along was actually a fallacy. It all happened at an event for Korean skincare company Glow Recipe after I used a MiLi Skin Moisture Meter to measure my skin's hydration levels (which registered a 10 out of 100).

Ever since, I've tried to employ the seven-skin method—ok, the three-skin method since A) I don't want to run out of toner so quickly, and B) I don't have the patience for it—as well as layer serums, but I'm still not sure my efforts are fruitful. Not to mention that I keep thinking back to the intensely moist skin of Glow Recipe co-founder Christine Chang and how she casually scored a skin moisture level in the 80s (a cool 70 points above my measly 10). I'd heard rumours of her intense routine ("I think she wears a sheet mask every day," someone once said to me) and reasoned that perhaps, in the name of good skin, patience is a virtue. But since there's no sense in pining after something you can easily find the answer to, I went straight to the source to get the full lowdown on Chang's full routine. Below, learn how she keeps her skin looking like a baby cherub's, in her own words.

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