The Genius Ways Korean Girls Use Cotton Pads

Hallie Gould

Cotton pads: No big deal right? Wrong. The seemingly unimportant skincare accessory is about to change your skin—if you use them correctly. Charlotte Cho, the editor-in-chief of The Klog and the founder of Soko Glam says, "In Korea, savvy skincare users are not only sensitive about the textures and consistencies of their skincare products, but also the pads that they use to apply their skincare." She added, "It's true not all cotton pads are equal, with some being more effective than others."

What's more, you can use cotton pads to DIY your own personalised sheet mask. That's the secret trick Korean women swear by. You can use your own essence, serum, or favourite lotion—just soak the pads in your product of choice and lay a few pads on your face for 20 minutes (or longer if you need some TLC). Cut a circular pad in half and do the same with your favourite eye-soothing offerings. It's easy, effective, and it will save you a ton of money, as masks can cost you a cool $20 a pop (or more). 

Keep reading for the best Korean cotton pads on the market (and why you're going to love them). 

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