7 Innovative New K-Beauty Products You Need to Try Now

Lindsey Metrus

Call me a credulous Westerner, but anytime a skincare or makeup product is labelled with the word "Korean," I'm hooked. I've tried many a Korean product that has essentially changed my entire skincare routine (hi, sheet masks) and, consequently, the state of my skin, so I trust the efficacy of each new K-beauty product I use with every fibre of my being. And the powerful performance of K-beauty products is only equaled by how fun they are to use. The quirkier, the better, IMHO.

Ergo, whenever new Korean beauty launches are released, my interest is immediately piqued. And after doing some research and consulting with our resident K-beauty expert, Alicia Yoon, we've found a handful of exciting new products that will brighten and revitalise your skin, give your cheeks a nice flush, and perfect your pout. Get a load of our favourite new Korean beauty launches below!

What's your fave new K-beauty launch? Tell us below!

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