Kim Kardashian's First Fragrance Launches Soon, and It's a Crystal-Lover's Dream

Kaitlyn McLintock


Last month, Kim Kardashian West posted a photo of white orchids on her Instagram account. It was nothing too out of the ordinary, just another snapshot of her life that she chose to share with her 104 million followers. Except for the fact that she tagged a new and mysterious Instagram account titled KKW Fragrance. This subtle new product announcement, of course, set the internet wild. 

We didn't have much information about the fragrance then, aside from the orchid hint. Now, though, a sneak peek has been released on Instagram, and it's totally unexpected. Apparently, KKW Beauty's first-ever fragrance will be housed inside crystal packaging. And not just any crystal. If the official teasers are any indication, it will be the millennial pink crystal we all know and love: rose quartz. Keep scrolling to get your first look at the new KKW fragrance launching on November 15 (according to Insta).


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The Instagram account @trendmood1, which specialises in beauty news and product launches, shared this post. In it, we see a snapshot of Kim Kardashian in the top left corner, and the brand's Instagram fragrance teaser video in the lower right. The other two images are the most interesting, as they're our first look at the fragrance's packaging. It looks like the fragrance will come in different forms, as the two images differ. But from the looks of it, the KKW Beauty scent will be housed in a rose quartz crystal-inspired spray bottle. C'est chic, non? 


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Aside from the notes of orchid, we can also expect gardenia to be included in the formula since Kardashian has since posted an Instagram photo with the caption "Crystal Gardenia." We're not sure how the crystal comes into play, aside from the packaging of course, but we know we'll like the creamy and sweet floral notes for sure. Remember: The fragrance launches on November 15 (however if Australian dates are different, we'll be sure to keep you updates as we find out). So get ready because if it's anything like the KKW Beauty Crème Contour and Highlight Kits, it will sell out quick. Honestly, how could it not?

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