6 Times Princess Diana's Niece Was Her Exact Doppelgänger

Erin Jahns

Sure, Prince William and Prince Harry may be Princess Diana's direct offspring. And yes, their superbly gorgeous Duchess wives may be the subject of many a sparkly spotlight (weddings, births, and all), but where does that leave Lady Kitty Spencer? The 27-year-old muse and model of such fashion icons as Dolce & Gabanna and Bulgari, Spencer just so happens to be the eldest daughter of Diana's bother, Earl Spencer. And, as hinted, the beauty and fashion world has become increasingly infatuated with the English fashion model and royal. I mean, can you blame us? She pretty much embodies both of the unattainable roles many of us mere mortals have fantasised about since childhood. 

Of course, since she's Princess Diana's biological niece, the uncanny resemblance between the two is hard to deny. And recently, we had a supremely intense flare-up of dopelgänger déjà vu when Spencer posted the below photo from backstage at a Dolce & Gabanna show in Italy. Which, of course, sent us hurtling to the archives to find a direct comparison to her beautiful aunt. And…

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