Kim Kardashian West Swears By This Product for Perfect Makeup Every Damn Time

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Kim Kardashian West knows a thing or two about perfect makeup application. Though her look has certainly evolved, she has been serving us some serious beauty inspo since somewhere circa 2007—we're talking soft, sultry eyes, precise contour, and flawless skin. So when she dishes on her routine and go-to products, naturally, we're all ears.

Her newest product recommendation comes courtesy of a recent Snapchat tutorial she filmed for her new KKW Beauty Creme Contour and Highlight Kits. During the video, she shows her followers how she uses the contour and highlight sticks to achieve a seamless and defined finish. The secret? A particular face mist that she swears she "always" uses before blending. Did we mention this mist is also a Byrdie favourite? We can attest to its fresh, hydrating, and sweetly scented formula. Now that we know it's KKW-endorsed, we have a renewed appreciation for it. Keep reading to see which face mist Kim Kardashian West swears by.

As you can see from her Snapchat clip, she uses Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist ($70). This mist is made up of over 20% botanicals and humectants, meaning it's ultra hydrating. Pair that with its hyaluronic acid and red algae, and it basically functions like a tall drink of water for your skin.

You can use it to prep your skin before makeup or as a refreshing spray throughout the day (it's formulated to not disturb makeup). Or, do as KKW does, and use it to dampen a brush or sponge before blending. Because of its luminising properties, your makeup will look extra dewy and glowy all day. Aside from its versatility and lightweight, moisturising feel on the skin, it also comes with a subtle flowery smell. It's the perfect afternoon pick-me-up on a warm summer day.

Have you tried this Tatcha product? Let us know in the comments below! Otherwise, check out four summer beauty trends that we're seeing everywhere.

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