Kim K. Says This Is the Age North West Can Start Wearing Makeup

Kaitlyn McLintock

For some, deciding when a young person should be allowed to experiment with makeup is a contentious issue. Most people remember their first attempt at applying some form of makeup in middle school, though some began much earlier or later. There are a lot of opinions on the topic but no clear-cut answer about the "right" time to start.

That's why we found it so interesting to learn Kim Kardashian West's take on it all, since, you know, she's the queen (kween?) of contour and a self-confessed makeup obsessive who has now launched her own beauty brand. Her 4-year-old daughter, North West, has proven to have a penchant for fashion and beauty as well, but according to Kardashian West, she still has a while to wait before she can get into her mum's makeup collections.

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