This Is Kim Kardashian West's Favourite Nail Polish—and It's on Sale For $9

Kaitlyn McLintock


Thanks to her social media (including her app and website), we're learning more and more about Kim Kardashian West's personal beauty routine and favourite products. And we love it. A couple weeks ago, she revealed her favourite moisturiser and eye treatment—as well as a $600 face cream she’s obsessed with (we’re not surprised, this is a Kardashian we're talking about). Before that, she shared the luxurious face mist she swears by for refreshing her skin and setting her makeup. This time, though, Kardashian clued us in on her favourite nail polish. 

According to The Zoe Report, Kardashian said that this specific shade of polish is her go-to, the one nude shade that she always wears. That checks out since she's most always pictured with nude nails. The best part is that it's a drugstore polish that (get ready) is on sale right now for $9. Yes, that’s it. Keep scrolling to see which brand and shade of polish she always wears!

Essie Nail Polish in Sand Tropez ( $15 ) ($9)

The Kardashian-approved shade is from one of our favourite drugstore nail polish brands: Essie. The shade is called Sand Tropez, and just like the name alludes, it's a sandy beige colour. We can see why Kardashian deems it a perfect nude shade for her skin tone, as it's not too warm or cool-toned; it's placed somewhere in-between.

Even though we normally stray toward the dark side in spring, choosing to paint our nails with poppy reds, oranges and pinks, Kardashian makes a case for going back to neutral. After all, nude nails are never not on trend. Plus, they complement any outfit or makeup look. Please excuse us while we run to the drugstore. After all, we're pretty sure that this takes the cake as the most affordable and accessible of all Kardashian product recommendations. 

Head to The Zoe Report to see the original story. Then, see the nail colour we're obsessed with, thanks to Selena Gomez. 

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