Has Kim Kardashian Just Christened Next Year’s #1 Hair Trend?

Nicole Singh

Getty Images / Charley Gallay 

One things for sure, Kim Kardashian doesn’t keep one beauty look for too long. And while the trendsetter has spoken out about the time-suck that can come with maintaining her golden-white locks, (she’s even tweeted about it), it seems that she’s not done with the beauty overalls, her latest look? Icy blue hair.

Kim’s beloved hair magician, Chris Appleton has shared a photo of the Kardashian and her matching Christmas Eve outfit on his Instagram page, and we must say, she definitely pulls it off. While we’re not sure how long the blue will last for this ever-evolving beauty icon, we don’t doubt that she’s probably tapped into a burgeoning trend for 2018.

See her transformation below. 


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