The Workout That Whips Khloe Kardashian Into Shape

Mary Peffer

Admittedly, I’m obsessed with Khloe Kardashian’s body transformation. Her candor when it comes to wellness motivates her fans to treat their body right. She’s shared her diet, the hard-core booty exercise she does with her personal trainer, and plenty of fitspo snaps, but her dedication doesn’t stop there. She's just shared another favourite workout on her Khloe app that I’ve personally tested and found to be effective: Pilates.

In the post, the uber-fit Kardashian sister says, “I like to change up my workouts, so my muscles don’t get too comfortable, so when I’m not in the gym with Gunnar, cycling or doing yoga, I’m doing pilates.”

Pilates works to whip the entire body into lean shape quickly. Through various moves you are able to target muscle groups in controlled motions while being mindful of breathing and core engagement. Ultimately the practice improves flexibility. For me, after only three weeks I noticed a change in my body for the better. Without any other lifestyle changes, my legs felt stronger, trimmer, I experienced weight loss around the waist and my posture improved.

Keeps scrolling for two of Khloe’s favourite pilates poses you can do from anywhere. All you need is a comfortable blanket or mat to lie down on, like Adidas by Stella McCartney’s Yoga Mat ($117).

The Jackknife


Pilates Anytime

Follow the tutorials to ensure safety. Khloe recommends doing 3 reps of 12 of the Jackknife.

The Teaser


Pilates Anytime

Khloe recommends repeating 3 reps of 5 when doing the teaser. 

Have you tried pilates? Did you see results? Sound off below!

Opening Image: Getty / Frazer Harrison

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