Kendall Jenner Reveals Her Aeroplane Beauty Secrets

Victoria Hoff

There are few people who would know how to stay fresh on the go better than Kendall Jenner—after all, jetsetting is just a near-daily aspect of the model's busy lifestyle. Which is why we were quite excited to see that she revealed her travel beauty routine to People, describing her go-to products for staying hydrated and pretty when thousands of feet in the air.

"With all the flying I do, I need to have a concrete plan for my skin," she says, before adding that like most of us, that climate-controlled aeroplane air tends to dry her skin out. To avoid a lacklustre complexion, she drinks a tonne of water and relies on Estee Lauder's Little Black Primer ($45), the (as-yet unreleased in Australia) Double Wear Makeup To-Go Liquid Compact and Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion ($50) for a natural but polished face. "Always use light foundation and keep it natural," she says. Hear, hear.

Jenner has also added in the past that she loves a good moisturiser and eye cream—especially key for those red-eye flights. It's all great advice, but we're curious to know: What are your go-to products and tips for staying gorgeous on a long flight? Tell us in the comments below!



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