Alert: Kendall Jenner Just Chopped Off Her Hair

Amanda Montell


The Kardashian-Jenner clique is well-known for drastic hair transformations. From Kim's sudden platinum to Kylie's ever-changing wigs, we've come to expect the unexpected. Kendall, however, has always been the one sister to remain constant with her hairstyle (except for that brief stint during Paris Fashion Week when she swapped hues with Gigi Hadid). Historically, though, long effortless strands have defined Kendall's look... until today.

This morning, the model and It-girl blind sighted Snapchat followers with a surprise lob. Of course lobs of all kinds—from shaggy and layered to sleek and blunt—have made their way around the celebrity hair circuit over the past year or two. But we'd gotten so used to Kendall's long lengths, we never expected her to make the chop.

This is the only tease we have so far, but we can already tell her locks are looking v voluminous. We can't wait for the Kendall lob posts to continue rolling in. 

Behold her new look below!


Kendall Jenner

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