Kelly Rowland Tells Us Her Last Beauty Splurge and Question She Googled

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Kelly Rowland may have been one-third of the iconic, formative-during-your-teenage-years vocal group Destiny's Child, but, to be clear, she's created her own pedestal for which to stand on since the trio's departure: She's released five studio albums, served as a judge on The Voice Australia and The X Factor, written a self-help book for new mums, and appeared in several television shows and movies. She is, without a doubt, a force to be reckoned with. And throughout every major career shift, one major constant has reverberated: empowerment, which, unsurprisingly, is the theme of her latest venture with Dove.

As a part of the brand's #MyHairMyCrown campaign, Rowland wrote a song entitled "Crown" to encourage young girls to dispel hair stereotypes and prejudice. The bop is inspired by real-life stories of girls who were bullied for the way they wore their hair and the notion of rising up from the stigma, instead treating your natural lengths as a symbol of power. 

"It don't matter how I wear it,
It's beautiful in every colour,
Long, short, straight or curly,
I love what I see in the mirror."

Inspired by Rowland's tenacity and celebration of beauty in every form, we thought we'd get the multi-hyphenate's take on her favourites in the beauty world, or more specifically, her beauty "lasts." See what we mean below.

Watch the full video for "Crown" below, then click on over to another time we sat with Rowland where she shared her thoughts on diversity in the beauty industry

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