Kate Bosworth Just Shared Her Favourite Makeup Products

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Kate Bosworth is to glowy skin what Kylie Jenner is to colourful hair transformations. It doesn’t matter if she’s posing on the red carpet or simply out to run errands; because she’s never photographed without dewy-looking skin. Here at Byrdie, we’re huge fans of the look (just take a look at our mood board to see a few of our all-time favourite glowy skin inspirations). There’s just something about well-highlighted skin that implies a fresh and youthful joie de vivre.

So as you can imagine, when we heard from The Zoe Report that Bosworth was sharing her makeup routine via her Instagram Story, we were nothing but excited. And guess what? Some of her favourite products are also our favourite products (which is why, in our humble opinion, she has great taste). From all-natural lip and cheek tints to a luxury velvet cream eye shadow, see all of her go-to products below—we’re stocking up immediately.

Head over to The Zoe Report to view the full story. Then, see Shay Mitchell’s five favourite makeup products of all time.

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