The 10-Second Flawless Skin Tip We Learned Backstage At Karla Spetic

Lisa Patulny


Backstage at Fashion Week Australia is a primo place to pick up tips on everything from brushing out excess hair product (stylists often spray dirty hair with flexible hairspray then brush it out) to painting nails in a hurry. One thing we're always impressed by is the ability of makeup teams to transform every last model into one with perfect skin. (Because not every model is born that way. Sometimes it really is Maybelline. Or, in this case, The Body Shop.)

Behind the scenes at Karla Spetic this morning, makeup director Mikele Simone, walked us through his 10-second tip for boosting a dull complexion. The look was "all about the skin", with skincare products essential to the final finish. "We’ve used the Drops Of Youth Concentrate ($50) and Youth Cream ($43), rolled it into the skin to instantly rejuvenate," he said. The act of massaging in moisturiser or masks as makeup prep isn't new, but the actual length of treatment—a measly 10 seconds—reminded us this skin-boosting trick is something we can make time for every morning. 

The beauty-with-benefits theme continued with a rosewater-spiked foundation ($37) applied next. To finish off, artists blended a pinky rose stain on lips and cheeks to give the skin glow.


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