This Is How Julianne Hough Does Gym Beauty

Lindsey Metrus

When we head to the gym, we’re so focused on getting in a good workout and thorough sweat sesh that our beauty look isn’t necessarily top of mind. It’s usually something along the lines of throwing on a little moisturiser, putting our hair in a bun, and getting on with it. As it turns out, actress/dancer/singer Julianne Hough isn’t all about the glitz and the glam when she hits the gym either; think speedy—albeit futuristic—hairstyles (more on that below) and low-maintenance skincare. We’d be lying, though, if we said we weren’t a tad jealous of how incredible she looks after sweating it out. Keep scrolling to hear more about Hough’s gym beauty routine.

What does your gym beauty routine look like? Sound off below!

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