According to Jessica Kahawaty, This DIY Natural Hair Treatment Is Magic


Stephanie Squadrito for Byrdie Australia

From the moment Jessica Kahawaty stepped into our studio, all I could see was her striking resemblance to Amal Clooney. The high cheekbones, naturally full brows, unbelievably glossy head of hair—it was uncanny. But not only does the Australian-Lebanese model exude exotic beauty, she's also finalising her law studies at a Sydney university, is the current face of the Myer Spring/Summer Beauty Campaign, undertaking amazing humanitarian work, and quickly ducks over to New York for NYFW. Oh, she's a former pageant queen, too (she won Miss World Australia in 2012, and was third runner up in Miss World Lebanon in 2010, to name a few).

Polite, kind and refreshingly down-to-earth, Kahawaty took no more than 10 minutes to shoot (we're not surprised), before she dashed off to Bondi to take her visiting cousins for lunch (they even assisted at our shoot). We did however, make sure to ask Kahawaty about her take on beauty, product must-haves, and how she keeps her hair so damn glossy.

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