This Is How Jesinta Franklin Is Overhauling Her Entire Beauty Routine for Winter

There's no denying that Jesinta Franklin has an expertly-curated beauty and wellness routine. Not only does she have abs for days, but glossy skin that's consistently blemish-free, and a steady stream of healthy snacks flooding her IG account. With winter creeping closer, it's easy for most of us to start hiding flaky skin under our cashmere, and eating sweet carbs with complete abandon, but for a model like Franklin, falling off the wagon isn't an option (because year-round swimwear shoots are a thing). 

So, we asked the model and Olay brand ambassador for her best advice when it comes to that winter wellness and beauty overhaul we all dread so fervently. The good news is it's achievable. There's no intense detoxing or seven-step skincare routines, just a few hero products and a really, really good veggie soup recipe. For all of Franklin's best tips, keep scrolling. 

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