J.Law's Hairstylist Shares Her Favourite Hacks for Perfect Waves

Faith Xue

Let’s take a moment to think back to high school. No, not to the constant drama in your friend group or the time you got kicked out of class for giggling too loudly in the back of fourth-period English. Instead, think of the girl—you know the one. The one who always said the right thing, the funniest thing, at just the right time; the one all the guys called a “bud” but wanted to date; the one with the really, really good hair (not you, Becky). Turns out, the grown-up version of that girl is alive and well, and she still possesses really good hair—her name is Jennifer Lawrence. We love J.Law (as we affectionately refer to her) because she makes us laugh during interviews and shares our penchant for zeroing in on the free food at events (never mind if it’s the Oscars). We also love J.Law because her hair serves as a constant source of inspiration, evolving from long and dark to Peter Pan short to bleach blonde over the years.

Though it’s probably too late to ask the girl from high school the secret to her perfect hair (heads-up: probably just genetics), it’s not too late to possess laud-worthy hair yourself. And thus, we interviewed J.Law’s hairstylist, Suave celebrity stylist Jenny Cho, to ask her how exactly she creates Lawrence’s perfect, bendy waves. First, we recommend grabbing a can of mousse—yes, mousse. Second—well, you’ll have to keep scrolling to see…

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