Jaime King Spilled Her Last Beauty Haul With Us—and It's Good

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Jaime King is one of those beauty icons who just keeps getting better, ceaselessly inspiring our favourite beauty looks—whether its a bold lip or a '30s wave—and forever one of our favourite blondes. So when we caught up with King at the Hudson Jeans photo booth at FYF Fest in L.A. last month, we couldn't help but inquire about her beauty secrets, starting with the question of the most recent thing she purchased for her beauty bag. "Oh my gosh," she responded. "I kind of went on a little spending spree."

Little might be an understatement, as we quickly realised when King walked us through product by product. Her beauty haul covered everything from silk pillowcases that promise to maintain your blowout to her personal foundation cocktail to a lip palette she uses to pull double- even triple-duty. By the seventh or eighth item on her list, King admitted "I know I'm saying a lot of products" but explained her last beauty buys happened to be a big haul. She was travelling and wanted to be set and not have to think about it.

"What I do is I take all the products and then I put them in smaller containers," explained King. "That's like my go-to so I always have little pots of them in my purse or have them ready for travel so when you're travelling you don't even have to think about it. Always make sure that you have your product and things that you love in little containers so that way it's like that's your travel bag. It's one less thing to stress out over and it's all there and ready for you."

Head below to see every item Jaime King bought in her last beauty shopping spree.

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