9 Beauty Secrets Italian Women Know (but You Don't)

Amanda Montell

Clio Makeup

Italiana in fondo al cuore means "Italian at heart," and since I was a kid, that's how I've always felt. We in the West tend to value work over play, so I've always been fascinated by the passion for leisure that's pervaded Italian culture for so many centuries. From the stunning architecture of their ancient duomi to their colourful gelato flavours to their exuberant flair with fashion, Italians' passion for beautiful things and experiences seems to be in their DNA. That and a love for carbs. No wonder I've always wanted to be Italian.

But as far as international skincare, makeup, and haircare habits go, France and South Korea often steal the show. As a full-fledged Italophile, I thought it was high time we looked into the secret wonders of Italians' beauty routines. To do this, I got in touch with Italian model Mitzi Peirone of MSA Models, who moved to the U.S. from Italy five years ago, as well as Claudia Graziano of popular fashion blog, Human Hanger. They both gladly revealed their best beauty secrets from back home, all of which are utterly fascinating.

Want the feel-good beauty routine of an Italian girl? Keep scrolling for eight skin, makeup, and hair secrets straight from Italy.

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