Beauty Editors Agree: These Are the Best Cult Products From Overseas

Adrianna Barrionuevo

From face shaving to $500 skincare devices, beauty editors are always up for trying the latest trends and products. Sure its part of the job, but its also exciting to discover something new to wax poetic about and recommend to readers. And while everything from makeup to supplements arrive in troves to the office, some of our tried-and-true favourites come from good old fashioned shopping. In fact, the best part about travelling overseas for us is browsing the aisles at the local pharmacy and beauty counters for imports to try when we get back home. Hey, every country has something that they're known for and it can range from cuisine and museums to BB creams and sunscreen. We asked beauty editors about their favourite discoveries from around the globe—because if you ask us, beauty products are the best kind of souvenirs.

Keep scrolling to read about the international beauty finds beauty editors absolutely love.

What beauty import is in your routine at all times? Tell us about it in the comments.

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