Inside Kylie Jenner’s Travel Beauty Bag

Kylie Jenner is a beauty addict. So when she reveals her secrets on her website, The Kylie Jenner, we take note. With a jam-packed schedule, Jenner's no stranger to long-haul travel and the havoc it can cause with your skin. Jenner opened up her beauty bag to reveal her travel essentials, and for fellow beauty addicts, it was quite the treat.

Although Kylie’s top choices are focused on keeping up her ever-evolving beauty look in tip top shape (no surprises there), we also noticed a very clear lean towards natural products, which certainly surprised us. Expensive creams like La Mer aside, the 18 year-old's other moisturiser on rotation is a simple chemist brand vitamin E oil. How un-Kardashian is that?

Scroll down to see some of Kylie Jenner’s travel essentials.

Do you have a combination of must-have travel beauty products? Tell us in the comments below!

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