These 7 Short Hairstyles Are Getting All the Likes on Instagram

Emily Algar

Instagram is always one of the first places we go for hair inspo (it's right up there with Pinterest). Cuts, colour, style, accessories—it's all there. Our favourite uploads are almost always those of influencers—girls with an elevated style but never too "done". Their makeup and beauty looks are understated (if you want to know what they're actually using, we've got just the write-up), and hair is always low-key.

Maybe it's because the weather's heating up, but lately we can't stop double-tapping on shorter styles. It might be the promise of minimal maintenance, or just that we need a seasonal refresh, but chopping off our hair is looking like a pretty promising idea. If you're in a similar frame of mind (or easily convinced) we've pulled seven influencer styles that are getting all of the likes.  

From Margaret Zhang's textured ends to Sara Donaldson's 30-second bun, keep scrolling to see the short styles that are blowing up our Instagram feeds. 

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