The 5 Products You Need to Create the Perfect In-Flight Beauty Routine

Kaitlyn McLintock


Creating the perfect in-flight beauty routine is an art, one that's incredibly hard to master. That is unless you're a seasoned traveller with thousands of airline points to your name (if that's you, respect). Most of us, however, are not, which is why it helps to have a set of product recommendations, in-flight beauty guidelines if you will. From a glow-boosting face mist to a brightening concealer pot, these are the five products we use to look refreshed and alive after even the longest of transatlantic flights. Because who wants to walk off a plane looking like the bedraggled passenger who almost missed their flight due to hitting snooze too many times?

These are by no means end-all recommendations. They're simply some favourite products, that, if they strike your fancy, can be implemented into your own in-flight routine. So go forth and create your own customised beauty regimen like a real travel pro.

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