This Could Explain Why Icelandic Women Have Incredible Skin

Nordic women have traditionally been revered for their beauty, and with their fair complexions, piercing blue eyes and platinum blonde strands, it's not hard to understand why. Now add the fact that Iceland is emerging as the holiday destination, and of course we've become even more curious about Icelandic women. Specifically? Their beauty routines and the cult products they swear by, because you know we're all about stealing a tip or two from beautiful women the world over

Keep reading for three of the best Icelandic beauty tips, and how to incorporate them into your Australian routine.


No roster of cult products will save your skin from a poor diet, which is something Icelandic women know well. Living on an island surrounded by sea has a big influence on the Icelandic diet. The focus is distinctly on local produce, in particular fish—and lots of it. The healthy fatty acids in fish can do wonders for skin, so do as the Icelandic beauties do and increase your intake of salmon, trout and monkfish.

Surprisingly, fresh fruit and vegetables make up a smaller portion of the Icelandic diet than in other parts of the world. But the cold climate means that producers have little need to spray their crops with pesticides that may impact our digestive systems and overall health


As Iceland sits so close to the North Pole, winter is long and dark—averaging only four to five hours sunlight each day in December and January. While that is hard to fathom from here in sunny Australia, the reduced sun exposure has serious skin benefits. We're not suggesting you hide indoors for months, but particularly in summer, limit your time spent in direct sunlight. Take extra care to cover up, seek out shade and apply SPF daily.

And how is this for a product recommendation? Two-thirds of all Icelandic women have tried Bioeffect Serum ($195)—earning it serious cult status. This potent anti-ageing formula is completely natural, incorporating just seven ingredients to ensure the quality and purity.

Bioeffect Serum ($195)


Now available to order in Australia, we don't expect this to remain a beauty secret for long. If you're eager to try it, use the code BYRDIE for an exclusive 25% reader discount (valid until 31 Dec 2017).


Famed for its purity, Icelandic water deserves its own category. Bathing in geothermal spas is a national past time. It's relaxing, sure, but it is also loaded with minerals that improve skin health. Higher in sulfur than the water we use to shower in, it also helps with dry skin and conditions like psoriasis and eczema

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