Beauty Dare: Byrdie Readers Voted for Me to Dye My Hair Pink… So I Did

Victoria Hoff

When we were pondering all the cool ways we could shake up our looks this year, our minds immediately turned to our readers—after all, you inspire us to embrace a bold and playful approach to our beauty routines on a daily basis. We knew we wanted to turn the makeover concept on its head, so why not invite you to play along? And thus, Beauty Dares was born: Throughout 2018, each Byrdie editor will be asking you to challenge us to try something new—from bold lip colours we don't typically wear to a drastic, new haircut. First up is our wellness editor, Victoria Hoff, who asked our Instagram followers to choose a new hair colour—and the shade you landed on does not disappoint.


Paley Fairman

If I remember correctly, our Beauty Dares series was still only in the conceptual stage when I volunteered myself as the first tribute. "Oh good," I told Editorial Director Faith Xue. "It's been too long since I switched up my hair colour." For reference, "too long" in the realm of my personal history is barely more than a year. Prior to my current status as a smoky blonde (seen in the photo below), I oscillated between my natural shade of chestnut brown, caramel, blue, deep espresso, back to my natural brown (with a short and shaggy cut), and then rose gold—all over the course of 18 months. Let's just say that I haven't earned my status as Byrdie's resident hair colour chameleon for nothing.



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