The Makeup You Can (And Should) Wear to the Gym

Lisa Patulny

There are zillions of articles online that promise to teach you how to wear makeup to the gym, but few of them actually deliver on that pledge. Sure, we know that waterproof mascara is a non-negotiable for anything more strenuous than yoga, but have you ever thought about the best way to apply it? Bobbi Brown makeup artist Kim Soane has. In an interview and accompanying shoot with POPSUGAR, Soane schools fitness bloggers Chase Lindsay Rosen and Evann Clingan on the products that can primp your workout session without clogging pores or running down your face.

Keep reading for the makeup you can (and should!) wear to the gym.


Do you wear makeup to the gym? Share your go-to products with us in the comments below, then click here to read the rest of Soane's tips at POPSUGAR.


Opening image: Imaxtree 

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