PSA From NYFW: Don’t Throw Out Your White Eyeliner

Deven Hopp


At this year’s New York Fashion Week, we saw an overwhelming number of bare-lash looks. Gorgeous on the models, but we don’t dare try it in real life (unless running into the grocery store with sunglasses on). We also saw plenty of black (and brown) eyeliner-heavy looks. We didn’t expect to see white eyeliner sneaking in, however. If you recall, a few years back, lining your waterline with white eyeliner was all the rage for waking up tired eyes and making them look bigger. Shortly thereafter, we all realised using a nude eye pencil had the same effect and looked far more natural. And that was the end of white eyeliner. Or at least we thought it was, until we saw the MAC makeup artists using white eyeliner (and little else) on the models backstage at Proenza Schouler F/W 16. But it didn’t go on the waterline. Scroll through to find out how you should be using white eyeliner!

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