The $9 Pro Hair Tool You Need to Know About

Lisa Patulny
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You may have just discovered a chic way to wear a hair tie on your wrist (finally), but it could be time to trade in the humble elastic for a pro upgrade. According to a Refinery29 interview with celebrity stylist Yann Varin, a hair bungee is both better for the health of your hair, and more versatile. “With an elastic, you’re limited to the rotations you're able to do, but with a bungee you can wrap it exactly how [many times] you need it,” explains Varin.

To use a bungee (we like evo's Mister Fantastic Hair Bungees, $8.95), grab the base of your ponytail and hook one clasp underneath (as close to the scalp as possible), wrap the band around the base until tight, then hook the second clasp underneath the pony to secure. 

Varin still uses old-school hair ties on superfine hair but says the bungee works well for thick and coarse strands. Also: "You can use the bungee wet, dry, curly, frizzy, teased..." he says. "It will hold and with a few tricks, you can create something hip and cool." A simple-to-use hair tool that allows you to create a multitude of looks for under a tenner? We’re sold.

Head over to Refinery29 to read the rest of the article and learn how to create three beautiful bungee-styled looks.

Hair bungees or traditional elastics: Which is your pick? Tell us in the comments below!

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