This 15-Minute Workout Will Tone Your Body in Just 3 Weeks

Faith Xue

We associate a lot of things with hit fitness show The Biggest Loser. There’s the mindful, motivational training; the breaking of physical and emotional barriers; and, of course, the emotional reveals of everyone’s final transformations. Biggest Loser trainer Dolvett Quince is responsible for a lot of those transformations, and recently, he let us in on the top fitness and food rules he follows to make them happen. (We’ve since taken these as gospel.)

In particular, Quince’s workout methodology intrigued us. So, to follow up, we asked him to share the details to his signature body-sculpting routine, which he calls the “30-1” method.

This game-changing workout seems too good to be true: It’s high-intensity, takes just 15 minutes, and can be done pretty much anywhere, anytime. Not to mention the results, which work to tone the entire body and appear in as little as three weeks. Keep scrolling to learn this life-changing workout!


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