From Emma to Zendaya: 16 Pixie-Cut Styling Tricks You Can Steal From Celebrities

Katharine McEntee

Deciding to chop off your locks and don a pixie haircut takes some major courage. Perhaps that’s why it is the ultimate cool-girl hairstyle of Hollywood.

If you are thinking about making the cut or already have, you likely know the transformative powers of the pixie: Not only does a pixie hairstyle highlight cheekbones (no illuminator necessary), but it also signals confidence, says The Cut. And while the cute ’do has a few downsides, mainly upkeep, it more than makes up for this minor drawback with its versatility. To show you the many ways in which you can style a pixie, we’ve rounded up the coolest super-short celebrity haircuts, from icons like Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn to current A-listers like Miley Cyrus and Michelle Williams.

Below, witness the best celebrity pixie cuts of past and present. Keep scrolling to see why the pixie haircut is the most versatile hairstyle in Hollywood.

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