I Can't Stop Hitting the Snooze Button, so I Tried to Quit for a Week

Hallie Gould

My mornings are set up around my penchant for the snooze button. First, an alarm goes off at 7 a.m. Though, it's not even set for the purpose of waking me up. It's like the first whisper of having to move—a reminder that soon I'll have to force myself out of bed and start my day. But not yet. Then, 8 a.m. But still, this is not an alarm set to keep me awake. It's another wake-up suggestion, one that I choose to turn off yet again. Then comes 8:30 a.m., the alarm meant as a concrete wake-up call. Most days, after two snoozes, I'll use this one to get up. On others, though, I wait until 9 a.m., the last alarm I set for each morning and then rush around the house like a frantic lunatic.

Clearly, this is not a healthy habit. It shapes each morning with feelings of fatigue, grogginess, and anxiety. It makes it so I don't have time to collect myself, spend time planning my day, make breakfast, or do much of anything before scrambling out the door. In fact, sleep researcher Lauren Hale, Ph.D., associate professor of preventive medicine at the Stony Brook Medicine Program of Public Health, confirms, "I know people who set their alarm 30 minutes earlier than it needs to be so they can have an extra half hour of restless sleep in which they are regularly having to check the clock. Who wants that? You want your sleep to be as deep and uninterrupted as possible. Hitting the snooze button after you first hear your alarm isn't going to help you get the deep restorative sleep that you are seeking."

As I began to organise my life with wellness in mind (first my diet, then massage and body care, as well as purging clothing and other unnecessary knickknacks from my living space), learning to be productive in the morning felt like a natural next step. So I decided to say sayonara to the snooze button—for at least a week because baby steps—and see how it made me feel after all was said and done. Here's the thing: I did it and I feel so much better. And I learned a few tricks in the process. Below, find my thoughts and best advice from three weeks strong sans snooze.

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