How to Reboot Your Brain When You're Feeling Wildly Unproductive


Courtesy of Geri Hirsch

Geri Hirsch, founder of Because I'm Addicted, is as proud California girl, born and raised in Los Angeles. After finishing business school and feeling unfulfilled at my her very serious first job, she started blogging in 2005 as a creative outlet and has been doing it ever since. Nowadays, she loves sharing inspiration for fashion, recipes, and a lifestyle that feels good and is full of balance (think red wine with a side of dry brushing). You can find her and her wellness-obsessed husband in L.A., travelling, listening to old records, and planting in their organic garden. We're thrilled to have her on as a contributor for THE/THIRTY, where she'll be sharing her health, diet, and wellness pointers each month.

As a blogger and writer, it can feel like I need to be “on” every day. Between photo shoots, in-person meetings, and writing deadlines, there’s hardly a day when I don’t have something due. And it’s not just something that bloggers struggle with—I know all jobs come with the same sense of daily pressure.

So what happens on that days that you just can’t? I’ve been there, believe me! But I’ve definitely developed a few tips to work around creative ruts or when motivation cannot be found.

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