How to Prevent Hormonal Acne and Keep It From Coming Back

Lindsey Metrus


Just when we thought puberty's passing took unsightly teenage acne with it, we were introduced to a new wave  of hormonal acne in our 20s. Right around the time of our periods, acne flares up along our jawline, cheeks, and forehead (ok, everywhere), adding insult to injury. It's just one more thing we can hold against men (sorry, fellas).

Looking on the bright side, though, hormonal acne is, indeed, preventable. But back to the downside: You need to make some lifestyle changes to do so. After all, these breakouts are coming from the buildup of excess testosterone in the body, so you need to get to the root of the cause instead of solely piling on potions. To figure out how to crack this skincare code, we tapped experts in the industry for the exact steps you need to make hormonal acne nonexistent. Take a look at their tips below!

Once you've got your acne under control, use this guide for getting rid of scars.

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