This Celebrity Stylist Reveals the Secret to Humidity-Proof Hair

Lisa Patulny

Ever wondered why your hair looks and behaves like it’s been enchanted after being styled by a professional, when you can use the exact same products at home but be left with an entirely different result? No, it’s not a follicular version of witchcraft—it all comes down to how the products are used.

If you pay attention to your stylist (rather than cruising Byrdie Australia) during your appointment, you’ll notice something; they rarely apply products straight from the bottle or can. Instead, hairstylists often mix up a cocktail of products prior to applying them to your mop. Not only does this technique guarantee a more even application, it allows the stylist to tweak the end result. 

This season we're preoccupied with preventing fluffy strands, so we reached out to celebrity stylist Kevin Murphy for three product cocktails specifically designed to nix the dreaded frizz.

Keep scrolling to see what they are!


How do you prevent frizz? Share your favourite hair product combos with us in the comments below.


Opening image: Imaxtree 

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