How Makeup Artists Keep Under-Eye Concealer From Creasing

Amanda Montell


In the world of makeup, under-eye concealer is a necessary evil. We're thrilled when we discover a new holy-grail product, but so often our excitement is dashed when a midday glance in the mirror reveals creasing and cakiness. What does it take to achieve the crease-free concealer we always see on the red carpet? we ask ourselves. Magic?!

According to Honey makeup artist Suzy Gerstein, the creaseless look we see on celebs isn't actually witchcraft. "Models and actresses have a team of makeup artists and lighting assistants there to smooth away creases, whether it be through makeup or lighting or post-production," she says. Ah yes, that makes sense.

Now, there are a few genius tricks that we mere mortals can use to simulate the flawlessly concealed, fresh-faced look of celebs. But Gerstein urges us to set reasonable expectations. "You can minimise creasing, but being that we are moving, breathing beings, it is not always possible to prevent it all together," she says. "Remember to go easy on yourself. … As much as a crease annoys you, it's usually nothing a couple of swipes of a damp Beautyblender or a fingertip can't fix."

Now that we've set our expectations to a realistic level, Gerstein and two other top Honey makeup artists have some pretty brilliant (and simple!) tips for preventing those creases as much as possible. Keep scrolling to learn their must-try tricks for crease-free concealer!

This story was originally published on October 21, 2016.

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