The #1 Nail Trend Taking Over Instagram

Amy Lawrenson


Let’s call a spade a spade—metallic nail polishes are pretty but don’t always live up to the high-shine chrome look you’re necessarily expecting. When you’re in the market for a metallic mani, you want a metallic mani, darn it. Which is why we have been obsessing over the flurry of jaw-dropping mirror-like nails on Instagram. The new trend gives nails a molten metal effect, and while it's been making waves on the social platform since summer, with the festive season about to reach full swing, the look is about to come into its own.

What’s crazy is that this nail effect is created using a loose powder applied using those spongy brushes that come free in eye shadow palettes (we knew they would find a good use eventually). The powder is brushed onto to nails after polish and before topcoat. There are tons of metallic powder shades to choose from, which allows you to experiment with different looks such as ombré or two-tone. For the best, most long-lasting effect, you want to use the powder with gel polish and an LED light; however there are tutorials on YouTube that show you how to re-create the look using regular polish. Keep scrolling to see the mirror nail trend and how to do it at home.

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