Perfect Pairs: Which Lipstick Works Best With YOUR Sunglasses?

Lisa Patulny

Every summer, I look forward to purchasing a new pair of sunglasses (Something I don’t look forward to? The fresh hell that is shopping for a swimsuit...) Like all accessories, sunglasses are a joy to buy. They revive well-worn outfits (value for money—tick), and they always fit; no matter how many blocks of Pana you’ve scoffed.

On my laziest days, I feel as if sunglasses can bridge the gap between fashion and beauty, acting as the easiest statement eye you'll ever attempt. (Step #1: Put glasses on face. Step #2: Done.) Plus, nothing makes a lip colour sing like being paired with coordinating frames. Think about it: covering up your eyes puts your pucker on display. What better time to show off your favourite lipstick?

To help you select a winning combo, we've compiled the colour couplings we're feeling most this summer. From classic to out-there pairings, we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling to discover which lipstick hue works best with your sunglasses!

Opening photo: Refinery29

Which sunglasses have you got your eye on this summer? Share with us in the comments below!

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