How I Got in Shape in Only 2 Weeks

Victoria Hoff


"I know you hate me," my trainer, Vando, said with a grin. It was my first time at Punch Fitness, a boxing gym on New York City's Upper East Side, and I had just collapsed into a pool of sweat and quaking muscles after our latest round of burpees. It was actually my first time at any boxing gym, and it took all of 10 minutes for me to understand just why it's the workout of choice for some of the best bods in the modelling biz—especially if they're looking to tone up for, say, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: The interval-style cross-training workouts are hard. So hard that you feel like you might die from exhaustion, yet you can't help but imagine that one single session has transformed you into Gigi Hadid because every inch of you can't hurt that much without instantaneous results, right?

"Give me two weeks," Vando said at the end of that first session, as if I had uttered that exact train of thought aloud. "Two weeks, and I can get you in shape."

Challenge accepted, I thought, in spite of myself.

I should probably mention at this point that I've made it a rule to avoid these types of workouts for most of my adult life. Low-impact exercise is way more my speed, and I've kept myself in decent shape through regular yoga, jogging, and the occasional barre class. True story: The only two times I've done boot camp–style workouts were complete accidents; for both, I thought I had signed up for Pilates only to realise I was in the wrong room a few minutes after class began (and it felt rude to leave). I like feeling meditative during exercise, rather than perpetually out of breath, dizzy, and or nauseated. (Though, trust me—I've always had major envy for those who are drawn toward butt-kicking exercise.)

But I had always been curious about boxing, and whether it was the catharsis of punching something during a stressful week, the mind-bending endorphins that hit me in a tidal wave after that first session, or the appeal of supposedly transforming my body in 14 days—probably all of the above—I decided to take Vando up on his boastful challenge. We agreed to three one-on-one, hour-long sessions over the course of two weeks, and just like that, I signed off on my own body's metamorphosis. 

And though it took a lot of sweat (and some tears), it really was a metamorphosis—and on levels I didn't even predict. Keep reading to get a look inside the workout regimen that whipped me into shape in mere days.

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