How to Look Amazing at Your High School Reunion

Lindsey Metrus


It's easy to feel nervous about attending a high school reunion. People you haven't seen in what seems like forever are going to see how you've changed (both physically and professionally), so you've got to be sure that your look is on point. But you're a Byrdie reader after all, so we can bet that you regularly keep up with your beauty routine and take care of your body. If you're still feeling jitters before the big day, know that there are several tips you can do leading up to and on the day of the reunion to look youthful and fresh. In fact, we suggest you bookmark these tips for the future (because who doesn't always want to look their best, fast?). Below, you'll find some expert-approved tips from beauty blogger Angela Lanter and celebrity makeup artist Monica Crouch to look even better than you did at your formal.

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