9 Ways to Get Rid of Whiteheads Stat

Dacy Knight

Whiteheads are something of a dirty word in the lexicon of skincare. At the mere mention of the name, you can feel your skin crawl, face tingle, and pores clench in fear. The visceral disdain is not without reason. Greeting the morning only to find an angry whitehead rearing its ugly head back at you in the mirror is a surefire way to ensure the rest of your day is destined to be subpar or worse. Not only are whiteheads an unbecoming sight to wake up to and endure, they're public enemy number one of beautiful, healthy skin.

Luckily, for anyone who has ever wondered how to get rid of whiteheads, there are a few tricks in the book of beauty routines that have been proven to work. By committing to a regimen that tackles whiteheads at the source of the problem, you can stop them in their tracks. Whiteheads are born when sebum (the oily secretion of the skin's glands) cozies up with dead skin follicles, plugging up pores, and becoming a buffet for bacteria (delicious imagery, we know). Sticking to certain steps in your beauty routine—like sloughing off dead skin and clarifying pores—can circumvent these catalysts to keep your skin clear and whitehead-free.

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