7 Clever Ways to Get Rid of a Cold Overnight

Shannon Peter


Thumping headache? Check. Streaming nose? Check. Itchy throat? Check. Yep, just as we assumed, a cold is fast embedding itself into your body and has left you feeling heavy, sluggish and all-round a bit rubbish. Granted, a day lounging on the sofa, hugging a hot water bottle and bingeing on Netflix isn’t so unappealing, but when life requires you to be operating at full efficiency (er, when doesn’t it?), that cold has got to go, and it’s got to go fast.

What you need is a game plan, a cold-banishing strategy, if you will. So we’ve hit up some top health and wellness experts to compile just that. From a rather surprising sock technique to finding your body’s very own energy-boosting button, these aren’t the same tired and unreliable cures you’ll have heard before, but rather the failsafe tricks that the wellness set have come to rely on. Scroll down for to discover seven of the best cures for a cold we’ve ever heard, and we’re almost certain you’ll be feeling brighter by the morning.

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