How to Fake Flawless Skin in Every Photo, According to Nadia Fairfax

Lisa Patulny

Apparently, today is International Selfie Day. (Well, depending on who you ask—we've found at least four different dates floating around the Interwebs.) Either way, we're celebrating this almost-holiday by hitting up one of our favourite fashion bloggers, Nadia Fairfax, for her tried-and-true tips on nailing perfect skin in every. Single. Snap.

Fairfax—she of this year’s winning Melbourne Cup hairstyle—is a pro when it comes to perfecting polished selfies that never feel contrived. (A lot harder than it sounds.) Turns out, this understated approach says a lot about her beliefs in using makeup to complement, not correct, your natural beauty: “Makeup should highlight your beauty, not completely change the way you look.” Word. Ahead, we've compiled Fairfax's top 5 tips for faking flawless skin in every photo.

Keep scrolling for her selfie secrets!



What do you think of Nadia's selfie tips? Will you be taking an honorary selfie today? Sound off in the comments below!

Opening photo: Fairfax Journal

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