How to Actually Get in the Habit of Working Out

Lisa Patulny

Victoria's Secret

Call it the New Year's Effect, but we're pretty sure it applies year round: You decide you're going to FINALLY devote yourself to hitting the gym on a regular basis, and you're actually really good about it...for the first two weeks. Then, you decide to skip just one workout. And then, another. And before you know it, your sneakers (not to mention your monthly gym bill) are just guilty reminders of that commitment you made not too long ago.

We get it (and oh, we've been there)—work gets in the way, you deem sleep more important (valid), or you just really hate working out. Maybe it's all of the above. But even gym-phobes can metamorphose into fitness junkies, promise. Again, we've been there.

So with this all in mind, we asked fitness pros for some motivation tips that go beyond just "believing in yourself" or "you can do it!"—this no-B.S. advice actually works. Keep reading for their secrets to consistent exercise, as well as a few of our own tried-and-true tricks.

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